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Velocity's current status

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Bluethulu MANAGER
Ian0526 wrote:
It has been a wonderful four years owning this server, but I must inform everyone that Ryan and I will closing the server down. You guys have been an amazing community, allowing me to grow and develop skills I never thought of having. I made many new friends, some of which are my current best. This server literally helped build my life, even providing for myself and parents while I was a junior in high school. I cannot thank you all enough for the pleasant memories I will always have. With Ryan and I both in college now, we barely have time to actively pushout updates, manage the server, develop, and have a relationship with any of the players/staff. Ben and Blue have been the ones that kept this server alive. They have dedicated so much time to you guys, and it would be completely wrong for Ryan and I to just drop the server off a mountain.

What's next?
Well, that's up to Ben and Bluethulu, we will be allowing them to use some resources to regather the community to a new server. This Discord will remain open, and ownership of it is with Ben. Please stay tuned for updates from him.

Will you come back?
Who knows? I absolutely love this game. Sometimes I say I hate it, but I honestly don't. My childhood, some relationships, growth, time, effort, energy, memories, and so much more have been created by this game, so I don't want to say goodbye forever. Velocity is Ryan and I's baby, and we plan on always keeping the domain/files/etc. just in case.

Again, I can't stress this enough, I am extremely thankful for you guys. I never thought I'd actually own a successful server ever, but it happened. https://i.gyazo.com/999917efc2dfc70953724cb2040a16bb.png. I know every single one of you will do wonderful things in the world.

Thank you,

Thanks everyone for their support over the years, if you're interested in where the majority of the community has moved to you can find us here:
Posted Jul 14, 18 · OP
What is the discord
Posted Sep 10, 18
rip :(
Posted Mar 22, 19
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