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Nothing better describes our OPFactions server more than the phrase "PvP." There are many unique custom made items and plugins that have been implemented to improve gameplay and to ensure happiness from our players. On OPFactions, the goal is to PvP other players from other factions and to raid other factions' bases.  A popular aspect of this server is KoTH.  KoTH (king of the hill) is extraordinary, and scheduled periodically. 


Our OPPrison server exibits many unique features that will keep you entertained for weeks. These features include: Rank A-Z, prestiges, block counting, a custom scoreboard, and much more! OP Mines and OP Pickaxes create the perfect combination for exquisite gameplay.  Our OPPrison server incorporates both mining, selling, building and PvP!  Come check it out!


Velocity's regular factions server is essentially a classic factions server, with many custom plugins imbedded in the Vanilla feel. It has taken a more hardcore route in order to satisfy those whom may dislike the overpowered feel of our OPFactions server. If you are looking for a new exciting factions server that you want to spend time on, please join our Regular Factions server today.  A popular aspect of this server is KoTH.  KoTH (king of the hill) is extraordinary, and scheduled periodically.   


Our Skywars server is unlike any other.  We have a customly made Skywars that was made by a well known developer.  It features over 15 different maps, and different classes that can be bought using tokens.  Tokens can be purchased or won by winning Skywars matches.   Skywars is essentially a modified HungerGames server, except much more exciting and maps in the sky.  Please note that this gamemode is still in beta as it is being perfected as we speak!


Our Kitpvp server is based solely on PvP; hence the name 'KitPvP' You can enjoy a very large, eminent map in which you can explore and chase your enimies around.  There are many hidden items that can be found, and many different obstsacles to trap your enimies in.  Many custom abilities and donor perks are available for purchase.  Killing players gives coins in which you can purchase different classes to enhance your experience.   


Hard core factions is one of the most popular servers on VelocityMC. This server is the fun of factions combined with the risk of a deathban when killed. This is, as it states hardcore. Each player killed will receive a deathban for 2 hours.


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